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Freelance Writer | Cyber Enthusiast and HERO with my glasses on :) “”

With little to no Internet and Cyber Security relation at all

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I’d like to make one thing clear: I’m not trying to follow the short story trend.

I see nothing wrong with that but it just isn’t my thing. I believe I’ll still write a few every chance I get once this issue I currently have…

After a thousand and couting updates

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The same way that you wouldn’t give up your apple device for an android phone I don’t think I find IOS an option. It’s a matter of choice, taste and a lot more things we can save for another day.

So, as you can…

Have this in mind before you hit publish.

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(Focussing on the title of a story) Your preview is usually your first choice the first sentence or keywords you thought would work out for your article. Unfortunately these aren’t always the best choices we have and sometimes we realize we might have made…

#You won’t see a picture of me having sex you sick f#c#

Everyone is using these trending headlines. But, why on earth would I use somebody else to please my fake 30 day experiment? No can do. People take this too far. I’m impressed by those who do a great…

To me!

This is the only platform available today where I consistently make status updates. It happens no where else online. I try hard on other platforms but no other seems to work as good as Medium.

Kids these days are every where TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and whatever else that…

I’ve been here for a while now and whatever lie I tell should deserve the probability of truth.

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I’ve been reading awesome content for over 2 years and writing crappy articles (in my head awesome) for a year. Doesn’t that apply to 3 years of viewing experience? Isn’t that how people do it?

What I love about the internet is “freedom of expression”. My LinkedIn profile had “Freelance…

Three easy-to-use ways to erase metadata for free with ease.

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In the office, you may deal with all types of files from pdf to XML, exe, and more. But, outside the office, you use photos, video calls, screenshots, Instagram, snapshot, tik-tok, WhatsApp, and more photos.

Think about the Social Media platforms I just mentioned, which one of them doesn’t require…

I like Medium and the interaction within the platform for what it is, and for what it isn't.

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But, I don’t like saying stuff because someone has to do it. Hell, if someone has to, that somebody isn’t me. I don’t comment often, that doesn’t mean I don’t comment at all and it doesn’t mean that I don’t have something to say. …

Because you deserve to be an organized entrepreneur.

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When we’re at our best we do the best so why not invest a little more time on what gives us superpowers?

We work hard for independence and although this takes time it should pay off in the end. I’m not there yet myself but hey it should pay off…

Sam Writes Security

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