Who Is Amanda Michelle and How Do You Make Money With YouTube Comments?

It’s called “paying social media jobs” and the short answer is you don’t.

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Affiliate marketing is lucrative, especially when you have good traffic and an audience. But, unfortunately, People who share affiliate products aren’t always consistent, reliable or transparent.

Today a creator might claim Express VPN is the best and tomorrow Proton VPN might be his go-to Product. That’s when you realize that it isn’t about a specific product but the outcome, the features, who cares about the features?

Today’s topic is related to affiliate marketing and the products advertised, which are at tines misleading. Meet Amanda Michelle a Medium creator who shares topics on how to make money online. The creator comes up with very interesting titles for her posts, which are literally 2 minutes long. She either manages to explain every topic in only 2 minutes every time, or most of her posts are generic, you decide.

Amanda has over 9K followers and follows over 196k creators. I wonder how often she gets to read stories from so many creators since she currently cannot read any stories but ayah, back to the topic ….

The creator’s bio says :

Here, you’ll learn ways to make money online. Link to get the job of making money by posting YT comments: https://bit.ly/3NHoBau (affiliate links in this link)

This is literally her bio, I’ve copied and pasted every word and literally every link on her beacons.ai page is misleading and lacks transparency. Should you choose to visit the websites you’ll realize that some are from the same creator, it’s that easy to tell, I promise.

Medium is not against private profiles, so we don’t need to dive into the guy’s profile since he chose to go private, I’ll respect that. For those of you who are curious, though, the profile picture is a stock photo and the profile name is made up too. So, Amanda Michelle is not a real person, at least, not this Amanda Michelle.

The name of the site is “paying social media jobs”



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