Relationships in the Era of Social Media

A picture tells a thousand words and thanks to Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok everything is on camera.

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The internet is a necessity for many of us, there wouldn’t be a profile where I could share this without the internet. You wouldn’t have a chance to read anything with my name on it if it weren’t for the internet. That would also mean that I wouldn’t have a passion or niche because the internet is basically all I write about.

With the internet came the use of emails and social media, which is what we’re going to talk about today. We went from Facebook to Messenger and now WhatsApp, which is what people use instead of SMS these days. But, how does the use of these channels and platforms affect our relationship on a daily basis?

Who gets to know you?

The first time I applied for an online job and was asked to share my LinkedIn profile link, Twitter handle, Facebook account, or Instagram account I was shocked.

For me, the problem was that I don’t use social media like most people do. I have about 230 followers on Medium right now, which is more than I have on Twitter, and I’ve had that account way before Elon thought it would be a good idea to make the platform his and call it X.

I don’t have personal photos on Instagram; in fact, I don’t even have a personal Instagram account. So, no, you won’t know what I had for breakfast, nor will you know what I did besides writing today.

As for Facebook, well, I haven’t made a personal status update on the platform in probably 10 years. And, because this was a marketing role, I obviously wouldn’t be fit for the job Not without na actual image online “My thoughts at the time”.

The bottom line is that I don’t have an online presence. For what it’s worth, my writing “does, a little”. So, you don’t get to learn much from me voluntarily because all I’m willing to share with the world is that I’m a writer, and this is very important to me. Everything else is something we can talk about over coffee.

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