How To Fight Cybercrime While Sharing Our Contact Details Online

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5 min readOct 28, 2020
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For most, it is normal to share at least a single photograph online per week, for some it is a big NO.

I know people who haven’t uploaded a single personal file online for at least 10 years, and some that cannot do without sharing a new photo on Instagram everyday. But, not even this kind of behavior online can help if you still share your contact details.

We’re Freelance Writers, Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs, IT professionals, Video Editors, and the list goes on. Today, we do better online, the traditional way still works for some of us but the internet has its advantages. So, for this to happen we need a website, and or at least an email address which we can share with anyone willing to do business with us. And, this is the problem which unfortunately I bring no solution to.

Can We Control Who Emails Us?

Not really, spam goes to your spam folder, that’s clear but when do you get to determine whether or not it’s spam before reading the mail — that’s if it looks legit enough to fall into your inbox.

You may receive an email with no suspicious links at all, with apparently the best intentions but it could be something else, after all that’s what hackers are very well known for right? I hope you’re aware that not every hacker wears a black or gray hat. But, when people simply use the term hacker alone usually people expect something bad, or rather a black hat attitude which is exactly what we’re dealing with here.

Do you remember what happened on Twitter?

Famous profile names were used to lead people astray, and make believe that by sharing bitcoin they’d get double the amount in return. For some, this looked legit as these were verified accounts which included Elon Musk, Kanye West, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama, Donald Trump wasn’t hit due to previous attempts his account is well protected at least comparing to others. This looked legit for some, after all they used the best of names we easily recognize anywhere for their dirty work. But, not everyone falls for this type of bs. If you’ve worked for every penny you make all your life you know things…

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