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For reasons I don’t understand.

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I’d rather worry about possible earnings right now everything else will probably follow, right? I believe I said that all wrong but whatever.

I’ve only had a single story CURATED in about 13 months. Now, I’m more than convinced that it changes little to nothing at all but hey some…

The only reason why we aren’t all driving flying cars is probably cause these type of cars are very expensive and it’s no secret that the majority is poor. They do exist, don’t they fly?

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But, just you wait until Toyota decides we all deserve one and BAAM! We'll have flying stop signs too, I'm just saying.

We have talking robots, cars that drive themselves, websites that provide preconfigured solutions and, Mcribs NFT?

It's all over the internet USA-today, Aljazeera, and NBC news just to…

Remember that you don’t really need a reason, until you actually do. But, when you find yourself in a situation like that it’s too damn late.

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God, mother nature, karma and whatever else you have going on in your life will be your salvation. Or will it? This is not about religion but I doubt that god can bring back what you didn’t save…

Do it frequently, daily, weekly, or even monthly it doesn’t really matter…

With little to no Internet and Cyber Security relation at all

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I’d like to make one thing clear: I’m not trying to follow the short story trend.

I see nothing wrong with that but it just isn’t my thing. I believe I’ll still write a few every chance I get once this issue I currently have is resolved. I’m a Cyber…

After a thousand and couting updates

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The same way that you wouldn’t give up your apple device for an android phone I don’t think I find IOS an option. It’s a matter of choice, taste and a lot more things we can save for another day.

So, as you can guess I use android, for now…

Have this in mind before you hit publish.

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(Focussing on the title of a story) Your preview is usually your first choice the first sentence or keywords you thought would work out for your article. Unfortunately these aren’t always the best choices we have and sometimes we realize we might have made a mistake (typo), and we often…

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