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Freelance Writer | Cyber Enthusiast and HERO with my glasses on :) “”

… Every single time. You’re not wasting any money, but maybe you should.

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Grammarly highlights words and phrases where you might have messed up

There’s more to these private, not so private, private tabs? Does that even make sense to you, cause I’m feeling this!

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  • Different identity (usually just a different IP)
  • No tracking (tor relays, no cookies)
  • Different location (IP’s come with this)
  • NO tracking possibilities or very hard tracking possibilities (VPN’s can only do so much)
  • Encryption everywhere (Cause that’s unbreakable right?)
  • Cookies and browsing history…

It's free, simple, and most importantly legal!

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Attacks, viruses, and contamination

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The #1 vulnerability which is consistent in computer systems

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And, what are the advantages?

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Basic, simple but effective.

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Understanding the worldwide web, just the tip of the iceberg

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We share information about ourselves, sometimes we don’t even know we did.

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Sam Writes Security

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