6 Free Alternatives To Your Favorite Paid Apps

Here’s a list of 6 services/apps and their very popular alternatives.

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Before I start sharing other people’s successful products at literally no cost to you or them let us make a few things clear;

This post contains no affiliate links and I wasn’t paid to share any of the alternative apps/services with you. I hope you find within this list something new, free and maybe open-source.

  1. Microsoft Windows/LINUX
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In 2021 Windows 11 was released and made available to all Windows 10 users who were already running a paid Operating System on their computers (Windows 10). Microsoft Windows is a paid Operating System and alternatively people go for LINUX which in most cases is free and Open-Source.

I’ll leave just LINUX as it is because this is not a single O.S, there are a lot of distributions to choose from but usually UBUNTU is what most people go for, this is the most popular distribution in the open-source community.

Mac-OS is free but, it is mainly for Apple products. Suggesting Mac as an alternative here wouldn’t be fair because this list is not hardware focused and Mac-Os is licensed for Apple devices, and apple devices only.

2. Microsoft Office/LIbre Office

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The second most popular program by the Microsoft giant (at least on this list) most people use on a daily basis is Microsoft Office. Again, this is a paid service and even though this has a one time purchase plan, for you to upgrade to the next major release you’d have to pay the full price (purchase a brand new license).

Word and Excel are the most talked about tools on this suit and even though alternatives exist, many companies use either both or at least one of these tools frequently. Knowing how to use Microsoft Excel in 2022 can actually help you land a job.



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